And her kiss the colour of a constellation falling

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does anyone else subconsciously give letters and numbers a gender like 4 is such a feminine number while 9 is definitely masculine am i right and then m is a girl of course while j is a boy you get me

you might have ordinal linguistic personification

mmm sounds like a fancy linguini pasta

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things i want to be

  • a tree
  • a leaf vein
  • a snowflake (even better, a clump of snowflakes that sticks to things)
  • soft
  • dangerous
  • a hydrangea petal
  • the second when the sun edges over the horizon
  • the second before exhaling
  • the second when you falter
  • poisonous
  • the color of a wave when it threatens to crash
  • the color of your eyes when you threaten to speak
  • a cloud
  • a storm cloud

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